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                 Mission                   To offer the global community the opportunity to access high
                                           -tech medical equipment at a competitive price in order to enable
                                           a better quality of life.

                 Vision                    We aim to become the one of the leading companies in
                                           development and providing of medical equipment in the global

                 Values                    We are characterized by a great commitment to innovation
                                           and quality of our products, following remarkable service and
                                           maximum level of responsibility.

                                                Our Product

               Wireless Endoscope Camera                                                         CW-2000
               Endoscopy Camera                        INSIGHT-µ +                             CCU-2000

               Endoscopy Camera                        INSIGHT-i                                CCU-2100

               Endoscopy LED Light Sources             INSIGHT-i +                                  IL-600

               Medical Microscope                      INSIGHT-iL                                 M-2100

               ENT Treatment Unit                      INSIGHT-µ +                                IU-3000

               ENT Treatment Chair                                                                IC-3000

               Nebulizer                                                                         GN-1000

               Infrared Phototherap                                                              GS-1000
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