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            CCU-2100                                               INSIGHT-I+

                                                                   ENDOSCOPY CAMERA

            Specifications  CAMERA CONTROL UNIT

            RESOLUTION           1920 x 1080, 60fps
            CAMERA               CH-2000 single or dual          Specifications
                                 (selected one while live viewing)                CAMERA HEAD (CH-2100)
            VIDEO OUT            HDMI x 4ch , HD-SDI
            FREEZE               1(Full) / 2 / 4 split view      RESOLUTION           1920 x1080, 60fps
            BRIGHTNESS           10 level                        IMAGE SENSOR         1/2.8” CMOS
            FOOTSWITCH           Footswitch (for screen freeze)  WHITE BALANCE        AWB, 3 Preset Manual
            LIGHT SOURCE         LED-250C, 200,000lx (Option)    HEAD TYPE            Pen type
            COMMUNICATION        IL-600 (Light-source)           CABLE LENGTH         5m
            POWER SUPPLY         AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz            LENS                 Fixed coupler lens
            POWER CONSUMPTION    65W                                                  Optical zoom : x2.3
            DIMENSION            W 300 x D 240 x H 76.5                               Endoscope exchangeable
            WEIGHT               Approx. 4.0kg                   DIMENSION            R 24.5 x W 184
            OPTION               4 tier cart                     WEIGHT               Approx. 0.75kg

            INSIGHT-i+ Camera Controller is a camera device that can be used to get diagnostic imaging or treat patients by
            rigid endoscopes in pediatrics, otolaryngologists, etc., and it has the ability to zoom in/out and control the focus by
            using the zoom lens. Also, it can support full HD resolution images and capture video up to 60 FPS, allowing the
            images/videos to be saved in an external portable flash drive.
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