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            IL-600                                   INSIGHT-IL

                                                     ENDOSCOPY LED LIGHT SOURCES


                                                                 SOURCE               6500K LED
                                                                 ILLUMINANCE          650,000lx (at 15mm the
            High Performance LED                                                      end of optical fiber)
                                                                 BRIGHTNESS LEVEL     8 level
            Technology                                           OPTICAL FIBER ATAPTER  Exchangeable
                                                                 POWER SUPPLY         AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
                                                                 POWER CONSUMPTION    65W
            INSIGHT-iL is a light engine made of optical fiber that   DIMENSION       W 300 x D 240 x H 76.5
            illuminates an affected area with a high output, cool   WEIGHT            Approx. 4.5kg
            white LED source by connecting the source to a rigid   FOOTSWITCH         Footswitch (for lamp ON/OFF)
                                                                                      Auto lamp on Communication
            endoscope. It has a user-friendly operation, simple                       with CCU(CCU-2100)
            design, and is compatible with optical fiber.
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