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            Sophisticated ergonomics
            design Space saving

            Reliable Comfort

            The IC-3000 is a part of a unit and an electromotive
            chair for patients. Unlimited 360-degree rotation, an
            electronic brake system, a stable center of gravity, and a
            trustworthy design, and a detailed rotation control
            algorithm leads to a convenient medical examination.
            An ergonomic design and motion-sensing control allows
            exceptional comfort for the patient, while being visually
            pleasing in a high-quality medical environment.


            POWER SOURCE          220V AC, 50/60Hz
            POWER CONSUMPTION     400W
            ROTATION              360° Electronic Brake System
            UP-DOWN STROKE        300mm ± 10%, Lifting mechanism
                                  (motor support)
            RANGE OF BACK-        0~90°
            REST MOVEMENT         Electronic Linear Actuator
            HEADREST              Up / Down by manual
            DIMENSION             W 653 x D 881 x H 1278
            WEIGHT                Approx. 120kg
            ARM-REST              0 ~ 90° by manual
            FOOT SWITCH           Up / Down / Front / Rear
            REMOTE CONTROL        Hand type, Up / Down
                                  / Front / Rear / Memory x 2
            MEMORY                Sit position memory x 4
                                                                     BROWN             BEIGE            BLUE
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